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How Digital Technology is Revolutionizing Dentistry

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Dentistry is one of the earliest modern forms of healthcare. It has come a long way since the days when dentistry was nothing more than having a bad tooth pulled by the town barber. Advancements in technology have revolutionized dentistry and continue to do so today.

Digital technology is the most recent category of technological advancement in the dental field. It allows dentists to provide faster, better quality care for patients. Here are some examples of digital technology at work in many dental practices across the nation.


These acronyms stand for computer assisted design and computer assisted manufacture. CAD and CAM allow dentists to create veneers, inlays/onlays, crowns, and other dental restorations using computer milling technology, making it possible to complete these procedures in one visit as opposed to two.

Digital X-Rays

Digital technology in X-Ray imaging makes it possible to create images with significantly less exposure to radiation for the patient. There is also a greater level of patient comfort and diagnostic accuracy that comes from the ability to enlarge the images on a computer screen.

Dental Lasers

Dentists are able to perform a variety of procedures much faster with the help of dental lasers. The use of dental lasers is more comfortable for patients and allows for faster healing.

Cone Beam CT

This technology provides dentists with a 3-D image of a patient’s mouth, jaw, and facial structure in preparation for dental implants. Cone Beam CT images allow dentists to see whether or not there is sufficient bone structure to support an implant and to properly place it. There is less trial and error and greater level of success.


Using a combination of sound pulse and laser, Diagnodent can detect cavities earlier than traditional methods. Early detection of cavities prevents further decay and preserves more of the tooth structure. Treatment can begin sooner for better overall tooth health.

Intra-Oral Camera

For clearer images of a patient’s teeth, the intra-oral camera allows the dentist to identify tooth defects and to show the patient the reason that a procedure is needed. It can also help the patient to see areas where better oral hygiene may be necessary.

Optical Scanner

Rather than the old fashioned plaster impressions, an optical scanner can make digital impressions of a patient’s teeth for restorative or orthodontic treatment. It can also take accurate color images for the best possible shade matching for cosmetic procedures such as crowns, implants, veneers, and more.

TekScan (T-Scan)

The dentist can analyze a patient’s bite alignment using a TekScan device that consists of a computer and an ultra-thin sensor.

The Wand

The latest technology in anesthesia, the Wand administers local anesthetic in a slower, gentler way through the needle for increased comfort for the patient. The pain associated with local anesthetic is more the result of the medication being pushed too quickly through the needle than the needle itself. The Wand eases this pain.

Digital Technology Improves the Patient’s Experience

Advancements in dental technology have greatly improved the patient’s experience in a variety of ways, such as:

Higher Quality Care

The biggest benefit that digital technology brings to patients is a higher level of care. Faster diagnostics prevents dental problems from getting worse before they are treated. Dentists can correct problems in more effective, lasting ways so that further treatment is not needed.

Greater Comfort

Patient comfort is another major benefit of digital technology in dentistry. Many procedures are more comfortable and less painful for patients, such as impressions, X-Rays, oral surgery, and even administration of anesthesia.


With the help of digital technology, procedures that once took hours longer and multiple visits can be completed in a shorter time period and possibly a single visit. The patient saves time, misses less work or school, and avoids additional trips to the dentist’s office.

Digital Technology is Revolutionizing the Patient Experience at Fairfield Cosmetic Dentistry

The patient is always top priority at Fairfield Cosmetic Dentistry, and the use of digital technology is a large part of patient care. We use the latest digital technology to prepare for and perform procedures. Patients benefit from the convenience and comfort of our services.

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