Frequently Asked Questions

  • Dr. Miller, why did you first get into dentistry?

    I have always been interested in science. Growing up around family and friends in dentistry, I saw the results good dental treatment could have on a person’s life . Your smile is how you present yourself to other people. The best part of my job is seeing how the outcome of treatment brings my patients greater confidence.

  • What differentiates you from the other dental practices in your general area?

    We use state of the art digital equipment and technology, including guided surgery and 3D Image Scanning. Our staff is fully trained on the latest techniques. We are also unique in having our own dental lab onsite. Everything we do for our patients is done here in our office from cleanings,fillings,invisalign, porcelain crowns and veneers, to surgical procedures ranging from extractions and root canals to the latest in guided implants. This means there is no reason to outsource for procedures. It allows us to follow all aspects of our patients care and follow up. Overall, we have blended top-quality dentistry with a dedication to patient care.

  • What do your regular patients find appealing about your practice and why do they remain loyal? How do you retain patient families for multiple generations?

    Patients are welcomed into our newly renovated office and greeted by our warm and friendly staff. Our patients travel from as far away as Boston and New York. We.make them feel comfortable and secure by walking them through all aspects of treatment options. We use all the latest techniques to minimize anxiety and discomfort. We are dedicated to patient education, and we take the time to reassure every patient about the priority we place on their oral health care.

Ready to Get Started?

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