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Pediatric dentistry lays the foundation for a lifetime of healthy smiles. Our goal is to make each of your child’s visits to our office a positive experience and give them the knowledge they need to take charge of their oral health. Our pediatric dental services include:

Comprehensive Oral Evaluation

Just like adults, children should see the dentist every six months to prevent cavities and other dental issues. In addition to examining the teeth and gums, Dr. Miller will also make recommendations on when orthodontics “braces” maybe needed for your child.

Dental Cleanings (Prophylaxis)

Aside from good oral hygiene habits at home, regular dental cleanings are one of the best tools we have to keep gums healthy and teeth free of cavities. During a dental cleaning, tartar and plaque are removed, then the teeth are polished to remove stains and create a smooth surface that makes it harder for new plaque deposits to form.

Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a mineral that strengthens teeth and prevents decay, so during your child’s regular dental check-ups, we will apply a fluoride treatment to their teeth to keep them healthy.

Digital Radiographs

Occasional x-rays are needed to help us identify decay, extra or missing teeth, and healthy bone growth that are not visible during your child’s oral evaluations. We use digital radiographs at our practice, which reduces radiation exposure by more than 50 percent and allows us to view imaging with you and your child during their appointment.

Oral Hygiene Instructions

Oral hygiene instruction is an important part of all pediatric dental appointments. We’ll provide tips to you and your child and show them the proper techniques for brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Good home care leads to less plaque and tartar, which means fewer cavities.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a safe resin material that is painted onto the teeth to seal grooves and crevices where food and plaque can collect and cause decay. Sealants are fast, painless, affordable, and very effective when it comes to preventing cavities.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pediatric Dentistry

When should a child first see a dentist?

The American Dental Association and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry both recommend that children first see a dentist at the age of 3 years old.

Do cavities in baby teeth really need to be filled?

In most cases, yes— cavities in baby teeth need to be treated, unless a tooth is about to fall out on its own. Without treatment, they can cause pain, damage the permanent tooth under it , and impact your child’s overall dental health.

What do cavities in toddlers look like?

Cavities start as white spots, which is a sign that the enamel is weakened. As they progress, they become brown spots that darken over time and they may eventually leave holes in the teeth.

Does “ novocaine” the numbing agent hurt if my child needs it for a cavity?

No, we use a type of needleless injection “Dentalvibe” so there is no discomfort and the experience is positive. If needed, we also use the sweet smelling gas “nitrous oxide” to help relax your child.

How long do dental sealants last?

Dental sealants protect against 80 percent of cavities during childhood. At  your child’s regular dental visits, we’ll make sure their sealants are still intact and touch them up as needed. Yes, your insurance will cover the cost for sealants.

What age should I start brushing my child’s teeth?

You can start brushing before your child even has any teeth! Use a clean, wet washcloth to gently clean your baby’s gums in the morning and at night to keep their mouth healthy and get them used to the feeling of brushing. Once  teeth erupt, you can switch to a silicone or soft-bristled infant toothbrush with a dab of toothpaste the size of a grain of rice.

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