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Same-Day Crown Technology

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At Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry, we value using the latest in dental technology to provide our patients with the very best dental treatment. When we introduce new equipment to our practice, we spend time researching to ensure that it’s safe, effective, and adds value to our treatments. We’re pleased to offer Same-Day Crown so that our patients can get a permanent crown in one visit!

How does Same-day Crowns work?

The first step involves using  advanced digital impression technology to create 3D models of your jaw and teeth. Using these models, we can predict how your new crown will interact with surrounding teeth and adjust the design accordingly. Our in-house Same-Day milling machine fabricates a custom-made crown from a solid piece of tooth-colored material, which is then placed onto your tooth. 

If you’re wondering how Same-Day crowns compare in quality to traditional crowns, you’ll be pleased to know that crowns provide optimal function, superior strength, and a natural appearance. This makes them a fantastic option for every patient.

How does Same-day Crown differ from traditional crowns?

The traditional process of getting a crown involves a long wait between preparation of the damaged tooth and placement of the permanent restoration. With our in-office equipment we turn a weeks-long process into one single office day. Because the process takes under an hour, you don’t even have to leave our office and come back later for your crown to be placed.

Digital impressions are made using an intraoral scanner, eliminating the need for messy impression material and resulting in a precise model of your mouth that’s available on our computer screen in seconds––and a precise model means a crown that fits better.

Finally, patients appreciate Same-Day Crowns because it doesn’t require a temporary crown. With traditional crowns, your tooth is prepared during your first visit and an often ill-fitting temporary crown is worn in the weeks between that appointment and the placement of your permanent crown. During this time, your tooth is susceptible to infection and damage; you’ll need to follow a special soft foods diet to prevent your crown from becoming loose or falling off. Same-Day Crowns are placed the same day your tooth is prepared, so these inconvenient temporary restorations are no longer necessary.

Learn More About Same-Day Crowns in Fairfield, CT

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